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Two women sitting on the beach looking at the ocean.
Two women sitting on the beach looking at the ocean.

What our Students say

Campers helping on a sail boat.

It was a magical experience, it definitely opened my eyes to the world. Everyday when I woke up I had a beautiful view of the gorgeous mountains, the crystal clear water, and the blue sky. At night the stars were so clear that I could stay up hours watching them.

Staff member and campers on the yacht.

Before I went to Sail Caribbean I wasn’t that adventurous, but Sail Caribbean allowed me to try new things that I never thought I would try. It was one of the best things I have ever experienced in my life. Sail Caribbean allowed me to become more adventurous, try new things, and explore the sea. I was able to find my passion for sailing and the water by hands-on and interactive learning.

Campers waving on a boat.

I am far more responsible and grateful of everything I do. I now have more understanding of the definition of hard work pays off. It’s not about the reward, it’s about the experience and the journey.

Campers scuba diving.

The trip exceeded our expectations. While we expected a great sailing program and the opportunity to get scuba certified in a beautiful and exciting location neither Miles nor I realized how many other fun activities would be built into each and every day. The stories he came home with put as big a smile on my face as his.

Campers on a hike.

I’m amazed at the quality of your program! Your program exceeded our expectations. It really did change my son’s life and I hope he chooses to come back again next year. I’ve already recommended this program to a bunch of other parents.

Camper scuba diving.

The program was a huge success and and our son came home with nothing but great memories and person growth.

What the parents say

Campers swimming in the water.

First thing that comes to mind when I think of this trip is paradise. I don’t just say this because the beautiful location we were in but also everything I did. I got to make so many friendships that will last a lifetime and got to do a bunch of activities with everyone and it just made it truly feel like paradise.

Campers using binoculars on the boat.

Sail Caribbean has wonderful family relations/communication from the beginning of the sign up process to getting the kids out onto the boats and experiencing working and living in tight quarters for two weeks. Jackie in New York was incredible in the months leading up to camp. We are so grateful for her organization, warmth and communication.

Campers snorkeling.

[My son’s] comfort zone was stretched tremendously. He was pretty fatigued the first week working through the dive curriculum but was so proud when he accomplished the certification. He also learned to live with less – a great lesson for him. His best insight was that the trip humbled him: “I got to see how big and different the world really is”. We have traveled internationally quite a bit, but something about live in the islands – the simplicity of it – struck his chord.

Campers having fun on a boat.

When I think of Sail Caribbean I think of all the amazing people I met that I might have never met otherwise.

Camper holding a sea turtle.

I had concerns about the ship and how it might be run on the day-to-day with all the young kids. But, that is the true growing experience that the kids need! It was a wonderful growth experience for my son. I believe that this is the strength [Sail Caribbean] instills in these kids.

Campers driving a small boat.

[Sail Caribbean] had very professional staff from the start! I would email or call with any questions and would immediately be greeted with a kind and supportive voice answering my many questions. Sail Caribbean knows what they are doing from start to finish!

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