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Life Onboard

Two women on a sailboat in the ocean.
Two women on a sailboat in the ocean.
A woman is steering a sailboat.

Onboard Adventure

Sail Caribbean has spent over 40 years in the British Virgin Islands, and we’ve learned a thing or two over that time. With the wind at our backs and nature’s best-kept secret on the horizon, we have empowered thousands of students by providing opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and learning in an environment of unparalleled beauty and adventure.

Two people relaxing in a hammock on a sailboat.

Life On Water

Whether you are plotting a course on a chart, hauling in sails, chopping vegetables, or just getting to know one another, there’s a certain magic in life onboard a boat. When you’re sailing together, a team spirit grows out of necessity and spills over into everything you do. Sail Caribbean alumni say that the most rewarding parts of their adventures were the challenges of teamwork and the lasting friendships they cultivated.

Our Yachts

At Sail Caribbean your yacht is your home and also your classroom. It’s a modern, 50-foot, single-hull sailing yacht or 45-foot catamaran. Whether you’re just learning port from starboard or looking to expand your sailing skills, you’ll have a high-performance craft, an experienced Captain and Mate as constant companions, and enthusiastic crewmates to share the adventure of sailing Caribbean waters.