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Enrollment Process

A group of people on a beach.
A group of people on a beach.
Campers driving the sail boat.

PLAN &Enroll

We want your whole family to feel comfortable, organized and well-informed prior to, during, and after your Sail Caribbean adventure. If you have any questions that you’d like answered before you fill out the online application, call us at 800-321-0994 or email

Campers waving to another Sail Caribbean boat.
Camper scuba diving.

It’s NeverToo Late

As long as there are openings on the programs, you can enroll. It’s rare, but we have had students sign up just a day or two before an adventure starts (it’s almost never too late!). Please call us to verify program availability.

Two Sail Caribbean boats in the ocean.

Time to Apply

Once you’ve decided on your adventure, fill out the application. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. We do recommend filling it out in one sitting; however, you can save it and come back later if needed.

Campers on the Sail Caribbean boats.


After the application is submitted, you’ll receive a welcome email from us as well as a link to log in to a CampinTouch account that’s just for you. You’ll find this online account to be a simple but valuable tool you can use for handling your paperwork and finding resources to answer your questions. It will contain all the documents, forms, and information you’ll need.

Sail Caribbean boats in the harbor.

No TimeTo Waste

Please do not leave the required paperwork until the last minute! You will need to coordinate a physician’s signature, a personal reference, and several other essentials. Scrambling at the last minute is no fun for anyone, so the sooner it’s completed, the better.

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