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The Sail Caribbean Experience

Your Yacht is Your Home

Living onboard a yacht is about working, playing and learning as a team. Whether on a monohull or a catamaran, the boat becomes a home you share with a group of people who quickly become your family. This is the most valuable part of your experience with us, because it deepens everything else we do together.





You’re in Control

Taking charge of a 50-foot yacht brings unimagined freedom and control. It also requires active participation and responsibilities in all aspects of life onboard. Our staff will teach you, keep you safe, and be at your side acting as a guide when needed. But you’ll be leading the way.You’ll rotate and share daily tasks, learn to cook for your crew, take on leadership roles (skipper, mate, navigator among others), keep the yacht clean and ship-shape, make entries to the Ship’s Log, and help to maintain a safe environment. Life onboard provides just the right setting for accomplishing group and personal goals. Our daily meetings offer a valuable forum to learn more about your crewmates, discuss the highs and lows of the day’s events, plan ahead for tomorrow, and of course enjoy a few good jokes.


Learn It, Do It

sailing_at_the_helmBeginning the moment you arrive, activities and discussions help you get to know each other and your new home. Our staff will teach you, keep you safe, and be at your side acting as a guide when needed. You’ll be encouraged to move out of your comfort zone. As you become familiar with each other and your environment, we challenge you to take ownership of the boat with less and less input from the staff. Our True Course curriculum fosters individual and group leadership skills, and helps to instill the know-how, motivation and confidence to face any challenge. Our goal is to provide a “living classroom” that stimulates you to learn, accept responsibilities, and live successfully with others in a cooperative environment. By the end of your adventure you’ll have life skills to work as a valuable team member in any setting! Whether researching marine species in the flats, racing yachts up the channel, or simply living in close quarters on a boat, you’ll step out of your comfort zone…and love every minute of it!

Sail Caribbean Dive Experience

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned scuba diver or if you’re taking your very first scuba lesson. You’re in for the ultimate dive experience at Sail Caribbean. Get ready for an exciting ride with a bird’s eye view from the fly bridge of Endeavour, the pride of our dive boat fleet. Take a turn at the helm as we head out toward your next big adventure. From the moment you’re welcomed aboard, we make sure that every part of your scuba experience is first-class, secure, comfortable and fun. At Sail Caribbean you’re diving with the best!



The BVI is home to Sail Caribbean Divers, and we’ve made lots of very good friends on all the islands throughout the years. We know the perfect times to hit the prime dive locations when the conditions are best – we do it all year round. As a local commercial dive operation, we also have preferred access to moorings directly over dive sites that are reserved for dive boats like ours. And, we’ve gotten to know lots of local creatures you might call “regulars”. We’ll be sure to visit their hangouts and hideouts with you.


Strangers Once, Friends Forever

sail_caribbean_bffsThere are two things we hear most often when alumni give us feedback. They tell us that their confidence skyrocketed and they say friendships with shipmates were so close they felt like family. Soon after arrival, some very cool icebreaker games start you off getting to know us and one another. But it’s living in close quarters and spending lots of time together that makes new friendships happen quickly. As one of the crew, you’re part of a dynamic group; a team of individuals with different backgrounds and interests sharing the responsibility – and fun – of working and being together in your ‘home on the water’.

It’s a great feeling to go kayaking or paddleboarding with a new buddy and get to know more about each other. Scuba outings and small boat sailing give you opportunities to meet more staff and students with interest similar to yours. High energy social times that include the entire crew crank up the volume during “quiet nights on board” (QNOBs pronounced CueNobs). Thinking back on your first day, it’s surprising how any uncertainties you might have had, have quickly dissolved.

“What you forget on the plane as you’re dreading that first awkward “hello,” is that everyone else wants to be your friend, too. By the end of day two, I think we were already best-friends.”

– Grace G., age 14, Chapel Hill, NC