How’s the Food?

food_trayFresh, healthy and delicious! We plan and provision while our students prepare and cook wonderful meals under the guidance of our staff and Sail Caribbean Cookbook. Our students enjoy taking on the challenge of mastering the galley to provide nutritious meals to fuel their team straight through action-packed days.

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Special Diets

food_pasta_bowlsIf you’re a vegetarian, vegan, kosher or have other special dietary requirements, we can accommodate most needs. We have had students with peanut, gluten, lactose and other specific food allergies. They’ve all joined us successfully, sharing cooking responsibilities and enjoying customized meals too. We learn your limitations before the program so we can plan and provision accordingly. If you’d like more information regarding a particular dietary requirement, please contact us today.

Taking On The Galley

As we said, our meals aren’t just delicious, they are prepared by the students themselves! At Sail Caribbean, our kids take on the role of chef, preparing and cooking meals within the unique atmosphere of a yacht. As programs days go by, students quickly familiarize themselves with galley know-how, gaining expertise, resourcefulness and creativity with their provisions. A beginner in the kitchen? We won’t let that intimidate you! Soon, you’ll be mastering meal preparation times, enjoying the pride that comes from providing for your team and introducing new, unique items and style to your crew’s menu.