Day 8

The fleet woke up in Leverick Bay, made breakfast and set sail for Anegada. All five boats were cruising in the perfect wind conditions and it was a close race to see who would make it there first. Ultimately it was Hulk that took the lead.

After lunch, everyone went ashore and loaded into truck beds. The first stop on the truck tour was to clean up a beach. One of our mates gave a brief lesson on how Anegada came to be and why it is an important place geologically. The students took the beach clean very seriously. Staff had to go out and get more trash bags to fit it all!

Next, everyone got back in the trucks and went to Loblolly Beach to play games, order cool drinks and enjoy an early dinner. The students were excited to be able to spend a day on land and mingle with the other boats. On the way back to the boats, the group stopped at the shark ponds in hopes to see some baby sharks. Although the sharks were not out that evening, many of the students were able to take pictures with their friends at sunset.