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Alpha 1 2018 Adventure Day 8 – Olympics Day Festivities!

By wpdev July 2, 2018
written by mate, Andrew Dyer
June 30, 2018

Everyone woke up in anticipation for the day ahead: today was Olympics! A boat to boat competition of both Alpha boats and the Tangos. After breakfast and clean, students promptly dropped the ball and began our quick sail from Norman Island over to Sandy Cay where the Olympics would take place. While under way, we decorated a pillow case to use as our flag to represent us in the Olympics.

In a short time, we were on the ball at Sandy Cay, a beautiful little island once hosted by Captain Jack Sparrow and a bottle of rum. Gathering what we needed, we swam or dingied ashore, hoisting our flag high in honor.

The first activity was a fender relay race. It was so much fun to see everyone laughing hysterically running in fins and a snorkel. Next, we performed a synchronized swimming routine which we were given ten minutes to come up with. Third, we competed in tug of war, with the oldest Alpha boat beating both the younger Alpha boat plus the Tangos, but ultimately they then lost to all the staff. And then, last but not least, we had each boat bury their captain or mate, which ever one they could catch. Besides just burying them, they had to create a sculpture out of the sand and come up with a story around their creation. And each boat presented very unique humorous stories to match their buried staff member.

After wrapping up Olympics, we soon headed back to boats and were off the ball and headed to Cane Garden Bay. Once arrived, we immediately got aboard our dinghies and shuttled ashore to procure ice cream from a small shop right on the beach. While we enjoyed our ice cream on the beach lit by the fading sun, the students were introduced to the big event of the coming day, Challenge Day!

Challenge Day is when the student crews take command of the boat while their captain and mate would simply observe and render assistance in only potentially dangerous situations. So with the exciting day ahead of them, we all headed back to boats and ate dinner and cleaned with the building nervesnous and excitement.

Falling asleep under the stars wasn’t so hard that night after the day we all had. Heads dropped quickly and eyelids even quicker. Soon, it was just the rocking of the boat and the gentle breeze that made any audible sound, but the dreams of past and future adventures rumbled deep in everyone’s minds that night.

More photos coming soon!

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.