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Alpha 2 Trip Blog- Day 3

By wpdev July 11, 2015

Alpha 2 2015 – Day 3

written by mate, Alex Armson, brought to you by the crew of Xeres
July 9, 2015

The day began when the Discover Scuba divers, Lilly, Eli, and Logan as well as the those working on their Open Water certificates, Luke, Ale, and Sophie, continued with their practical skills while Abby, Paige, Miles, Michael, and Mack went snorkeling at Sistern Rock. We then all reconvened at the beach where we went water sporting while some went paddle boarding and kayaking around the mooring field.

Later, as Eli as our captain and Marret as his navigator and Ale as his mate, we sailed from Cooper Island to Guana Island. The sail took around two hours, and we even managed to get to a top speed of 7.6 knots! We are steadily becoming a more cohesive unit and are already better at maneuvering the boat. This has been further helped by the lesson we had under way, which was about the different points of sail. It definitely helped towards our understanding of sailing.

We arrived at Guana Island on time and had a delicious dinner, which was followed by some intense card games being played.

Today our crew did a great job of communication, but we need to improve on organization. Our miracle moment was when we saw the bioluminescence in the water!

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The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.