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Bravo, Charlie, Foxtrot, Sierra 2: Days 15 & 16 – Little Harbor

By wpdev August 3, 2022

Day 15: 

Written by Alex McCrindle, Mate & Dive Instructor

The Sail Caribbean dive staff welcomed students this morning at Scrub Island. After a lovely morning motor to the dive site Ginger Steps, fun divers and advanced open water students saw Caribbean Reef Sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, and an octopus! With increased visibility and dive conditions, along with a shark and ray lesson last night, the campers were excited to see Nurse Sharks, Reef Sharks, and both Southern Stingrays and Eagle Rays. 


Remaining students on fleet enjoyed de-docking at Scrub and sailing to the staff favorite Little Harbour on Peter Island. After Med-anchoring, campers spent the afternoon snorkeling and participating in a squid dissection. The students look forward to another night at Little Harbour, more fun diving in the morning, and attempting to tag sea turtles come tomorrow!

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Day 16: 

Written by Katrina Churton, Mate

Today we woke up in gorgeous Little Harbor, excited for another awesome day in the Caribbean. Little Harbor is one of the most beautiful places we go, a favorite to many of the campers and counselors due to its crystal clear, blue waters filled with an abundance of marine life and stunning nature filling the edges of the harbor. We ate pancakes for breakfast, which is also always a favorite, and got prepared for the day. The divers got ready to go explore the underwater world while the Foxtrot and Sierra kids got ready to go turtle tagging, which is a unique opportunity for the students to snorkel with turtles and then bring them on board for a fascinating marine biology lesson and hands on learning of turtle behavior and the local population’s habits. The rest of the campers got to enjoy some fun in the sun, going tubing, sailing on the colgates to fine tune our skills, and snorkeling the waters right off of the boats, swimming with the many turtles and fish we saw today. When the divers came back for lunch they told stories of seeing sharks, an abundance of colorful reef fish, and even an octopus. After lunch the second group of divers departed while the snorkeling, colgating, and water sports continued for the rest of the kids. After showers, we all began preparing for the chili cook off, a classic Sail Caribbean tradition which is always a highlight of the summer. Each boat prepares its own special chili and unique skit in attempts to win over the judges. The spirits were high as everyone worked together in order to make the best possible dinner experience for the judges and memories with friends to last a lifetime. We ended the day with a gorgeous sunset and eating cookies at boat meeting before lights off, thinking about what adventures tomorrow will hold.

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The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.