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Early Foxtrot & Early Sierra 2018 Adventures Day 5 – Backdrop Of Picturesque Little Harbour Before Heading To The Pirate's Bight

By wpdev June 15, 2018
written by mate, Emily Graf
June 12, 2018

We woke up this morning and made a delicious breakfast of hot pancakes! It was so yummy and we enjoyed a nice relaxing meal together. After breakfast, we pulled up our med anchoring and heading out to sail. Some of us circumnavigated around Norman island, while others headed through the channel and out between St. John and Norman. We practiced tacking and gybing and felt as if we were truly becoming a better sailing team as a whole!

When we got to Norman Island, we learned about the stories of pirates that used to hang at this special destination, of which it received its name. After making some scrumptious lunches, the Advanced Open Water students, Open Water students, and the Discover Scuba diving students headed to shore to meet the dive boat. The Open Water students finished their confined water dives off the beach. The Advanced students finished their Advanced certifications with a search and recovery dive off the beach as well. Meanwhile the discover scuba diving students went for their first dive off of a dive boat.

Our non-diving students sat down to a lesson about fish identification. After its completion, they went over to the famous snorkel and dive site The Indians! We saw tons of fish that we had just learned about. Reluctant to leave this beautiful snorkel site, we eventually went back to the boats and identified the fish we had seen. We learned a lot about how to know which fish we observed due to distinguishing characteristics.

Our divers and snorkelers reconvened on their boats and had a blast taking boat showers and singing along to some great tunes. We did a deep boat clean so that we could pass a cleaning inspection giving from our Program Director, Curtis.

After gobbling up dinner, we had a social on shore among the other SC student boats that were moored at the Bight. We got some yummy deserts and frozen virgin pina coladas. We also got to make new friends from the other boats. We held exciting races on shore and played some games for our boat meeting.

After the social, we went back to our boats exhausted. We were all very excited to head to Nanny Cay the tomorrow!

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.