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Foxtrot 1 & Sierra 1 2015 – Day 12

By wpdev July 4, 2015

Foxtrot 1 & Sierra 1 2015 – Day 12

written by mate, Kathryn Broderick, Brought to you by the crew of Spyglass

This morning, Spyglass woke up at 8a.m. and had a breakfast of oats, raisins and cinnamon prepared by Alejandro and Nico. The wind was gusting 25 knots and everyone was excited to set sail. Myra was skipper of the day and made sure everyone had their chores done and assigned positions for de-mooring. At 9a.m., we dropped the ball, with Kayla and Emily as Port and Starboard de-threaders, Aidan as spotter, Liam as relay and Myra on the helm. Once into the channel, both main sail and jib were taken out, the engines were turned off and Spyglass was steaming at 8 knots!

Our journey today took us from Marina Cay around Scrub Island, Great Camanoe and Guana Island to our final destination of Monkey Point. David did all the navigation with the help from our captain, Alex. On the helm, Myra learned how to counter-steer while Matt, Emily, Kayla and Alejandro finished off their advanced open water dive homework. The whole morning was spent sailing and once 12-o-clock rolled around everyone was quite hungry. A meal of pesto pasta with a side of vegetables was prepared by Matt and Liam and eaten by all.

After lunch, the advanced divers had knowledge reviews with Gina, one of the Sail Caribbean Divers. Everyone else moved to Miss You, where they had a cannon ball competition and hung out with the Alpha fleet that had just arrived at Monkey Point as well.

Before everyone knew it, it was time for dinner prep. Aidan and Kayla prepared a traditional Caribbean meal of jerk chicken along with fried plantains. It was quite spicy, but delicious!

After dinner clean-up and boat cleaning, we played a game of Taboo and had a short boat meeting. By the end of the day, everyone was ready for bed. It was such a fun day for the whole crew with unbelievable sailing conditions.

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The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.