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British Virgin Islands Map



Hodges Creek Marina

A 30 minute ride from the ferry dock or 10 minute ride from the Beef Island Airport, this is our home base and where all of our adventures begin and end. It’s across from Sr. Francis Drake Channel and Cooper Island. If you forgot any snorkel or scuba gear, drop into our Sail Caribbean Dive shop and they’ll be happy to set you up!

Road Town

Situated in the heart of Tortola at the tip of Road Harbour, Road Town is the capital city of the BVI and the bustling center of activity on Tortola. Visitors dock at Village Cay marina before going to shore to check out the excitement. Favorite spots include La Dolce Vita, a delicious homemade gelato and sorbet spot; HiHo, a Virgin Island based surf-shop, and Pusser’s, the only BVI “chain” restaurant with a great gift shop and island favorites.

Soper’s Hole, West End

What a beautiful little marina! It boasts a collection of shops and eateries, all painted vibrant Caribbean colors and capped with pink roofs. You can find everything here, from BVI tee shirts to handmade artwork, from conch soup to refreshing frozen drinks.

Nanny Cay (pronounced Key)

This peninsula juts out from the southern coast of Tortola creating a sheltered marina. Here’s your special place to enjoy sand volleyball, small boat sailing, and a beautiful seaside pool overlooking the Sir Francis Drake Channel. There is also an Internet café, restaurants, a hotel, and a small market on shore.


Here is the only coral island amongst many mountainous islands in the area. Anegada, means “the sunken island” and it’s a treat for all who complete the long sail out to it! Although it is the second largest island in the BVI, it is barely visible as you sail towards it. Just 28 feet above sea level marks its highest point. Unless you are a well-informed sailor, it is difficult to approach Anegada because of the 18-mile long horseshoe reef that surrounds it. Once on shore, a safari taxi ride to will take you to Loblolly Bay ranked as one of the world’s top beaches. There you’ll find a 360-degree lookout, miles of crystal white sand beaches, and the 50-foot walkout into the clear blue ocean. Snorkeling and sea turtle spotting are popular. Keep your eye out for the shady hammocks tied under the canopies of sea grape trees.

Virgin Gorda

The Baths

The Baths is the single most popular cruising destination in the BVI! It’s sure to be yours too. These massive granite boulders off the southern point of Virgin Gorda create a playground for you and for lots of marine animals. Shafts of sunlight break through the boulders illuminating large pools that are perfect for snorkeling and relaxing in. You’ll have a blast climbing to the top of Jump Rock and taking a leap into the crystal blue waters below.

The Bitter End Yacht Club

The Bitter End is a five-star family resort that is known for its water sports facilities and hillside chalets. We’ll spend some time here using all the facility has to offer. Small boats of all shapes and sizes are available for you to sail. This is high-adventure watersports, so hang on tight to your tube, get up on that wakeboard, and get a windsurfing lesson for sure! End the evening with a relaxing outdoor movie on shore.

Jost Van Dyke

The smallest of the four main British Virgin Islands, with approximately 8 square kilometers of land and only 200 inhabitants, Jost Van Dyke is a treat for all who visit it! It lies off the northwestern point of Tortola and is named after a Dutch pirate, although no signs of swashbuckling are anywhere to be found. Instead, Jost (pronounced ‘Yost’) is known for its long white sand beaches and beautiful anchorages.

Sandy Cay (pronounced Key)

A tiny little uninhabited island just south east of Jost Van Dyke is the perfect spot for a day hike, and remarkable snorkeling! Abundant species of birds, reptiles, and insects, a plethora of coconut palms and a small pond greet us as we arrive. With just 14 acres of land, you can circumnavigate the entire island in well under and hour and experience some of the most spectacular views of the surrounding islands.

Outer Islands

Norman Island

Norman Island is often referred to as “Treasure Island” by the local Tortolans. It is said that over the generations, several stories have led to the discovery of buried pirate treasure. Norman is first in the string of islands that line the south side of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. The goats are long gone now, and The Bight is a well-sheltered anchorage where boaters stop to enjoy snorkeling at The Caves.

Peter Island

This is the second island in the chain lining the southern side of the Sir Francis Drake channel. Composed of 1,800 acres of land, five miles of secluded beach, and several picturesque harbors, Peter Island is an excellent quiet island escape. Great Harbour and Little Harbour on the north coast of the island are the most popular anchorages. Many visitors also choose to dive on Dead Chest, which lies just off the northeastern tip of the island.

Salt Island/ Wreck of the RMS Rhone

Once known for its three ponds where salt is harvested (hence the name), Salt Island is now famous for the shipwreck that lies just off its west coast. The RMS Rhone is the most visited wreck site in the Caribbean and by far the highlight of any diver’s adventures. The 310-foot ship sank in a storm in 1867 while carrying mail and passengers from Great Britain and is now covered in bright yellow and orange corals. It’s home for a huge variety of sea creatures.

Cooper Island

Cooper Island is a beautiful island lined in white sand beaches. Its tranquil harbor and two nearby reefs are perfect for introductory diving. The beach is lined with pristine palm trees and serves as the ideal spot for a relaxing beach day. There is an open-air restaurant where refreshing drinks are served along with a beautiful view of neighboring islands. Idyllic Cooper Island is what island life is all about!

Guana Island

You won’t find any shops or restaurants here! At the southern tip of the privately owned nature preserve of Guana Island is Monkey Point. Although most of the island is reserved for visitors lodging at their exclusive resort and spa, Monkey Point is a perfect spot for boaters to enjoy hiking and snorkeling in a quiet, low-key environment. Go around to the west side and anchor at Muskmelon Bay for ideal wakeboarding conditions.

Beef Island, Trellis Bay

Trellis Bay is just east of the small Beef Island airport and is the site for our popular Fireball Party. The bay houses many sea turtles and beautiful sea grass beds. Aragorn’s, a brilliant pottery and art studio, is a favorite spot on shore where visitors often witness the firing and revealing of amazing art pieces while browsing the shop for one-of-a-kind souvenirs. There is also a Cyber Café, a beachside restaurant, and marketplace to enjoy.

Marina Cay

Just outside of Trellis Bay is tiny reef-lined Marina Cay. The island consists mainly of a Pusser’s restaurant and gift shop, and a few hilltop villas. The water surrounding Marina Cay is protected by a fringing reef and is home to amazing sea creatures. Spend time snorkeling at this hot spot then relax under the palm leaf umbrellas that line the beach.