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Leeward Islands Dive Sites

The Leeward Islands are 90 miles east of the British Virgin Islands up in the Northeast corner of the entire West Indies chain. Ships following the prevailing trade winds from Africa, first made landfall here as part of the centuries old triangular trade: Africa, the West Indies/Americas, and Europe.

We hit the best dive sites in all of the Leewards!


Torrens Point

Referred to as Saba’s nursery, this site is one of the best shallow dive sites in the Leeward Islands. At depths of just 25 feet, and up to 50 feet, you can inspect small caves and explore between huge boulders. Hawksbill turtles, Southern stingrays, octopus, and juvenile Spotted Drum fish are often seen scurrying among the rocks.

Man o’ War Shoals

Twin peaks rising up from the rock structure that lies 70 feet below the surface create an amazing underwater environment at Man o’ War Shoals. This multi-level dive spot has much to offer as you spiral in and out between the two peaks. A variety of diverse marine organisms, including black coral and schools of Sergeant Major fish, call this site home.

Wreck of the Corinthian

It’s a fully intact old tug boat and it’s sitting upright in about 65 feet of water where there’s a sandy bottom. Even though this boat was sunk in 1995, coral is already taking hold. It’s home to lots of beautiful fish. Just off the bow of the wreck you’ll find a reef system begging to be explored!

Finger Reef

This is a favorite dive in St. Kitts and it’s a deep reef you can explore from the top at about 60 feet. The site stretches out like a finger with ridges on both sides. Schools of different varieties of fish make this reef their home and make this a memorable experience for scuba divers too.

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