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Christopher Prokopius


Growing up on the coast of Maine, Topher has always had a passion for exploring the ocean. He has spent plenty of time on the water, from navigating islands off the coast to a variety of sailing camps to learning how to operate larger vessels in the ocean. On top of that, Topher has previously been employed at boatyards and boating stores and has enjoyed those jobs phenomenally. Last year, his family and friends chartered a Catamaran and explored the British Virgin Islands which led him to pursue a job within Sail Caribbean as a mate-in-training. Although Topher loves spending time on the water, he decided to switch things up and venture to Colorado for college. He currently attends the University of Colorado Boulder, where he is a rising sophomore studying mechanical engineering. In his free time, Topher enjoys skiing and hiking as well as playing golf with his friends. However, Topher is stoked to get a break from the mountains and make more memories in the warmer climate!

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