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Bravo 2 & Charlie 2 Day 7: A Light Breeze Carried Us To Soper's Hole

By wpdev July 25, 2017
written by Bravo/Charlie Program mate, Megan Lundequam
July 22, 2017

This morning, we had a relaxing start to the day as we had a final chance to mosey around the Nanny Cay marina shops before we set off. Just before we left, we had a bit of a melancholy moment as we said goodbye to all of our friends on Delta as Delta was parting ways with our “mega fleet” this morning before heading down-island in a few days. After a few last-minute purchases of t-shirts and Tings, we went back to the boat and began pre-departure checks before de-docking from Nanny.

All of our boats had very smooth de-dockings and were quickly on their way to Soper’s Hole. The sail to Soper’s was downwind and we had a light breeze of about 10 knots so we drifted along rather slowly. Regardless of the speed, traveling through the Narrows and around Little Thatch into Soper’s Hole was beautiful and we cherished the moments we had to experience the differences of sailing downwind for a change and to fully take in our surroundings.

Upon arriving, we picked up a mooring ball and began shuttling to shore to spend some time walking around the shops and ordering drinks and appetizers at the bar. The strip of shops was sat right on the water overlooking the mooring field and after we were shopped out, we sat around together taking in the scenery of yet another new and beautiful location.

Finally, we began heading back to boats to begin showers and dinner prep. We all had to stop our jobs for a moment during the evening to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets the Caribbean has ever seen disappear behind the horizon. It was a perfect way to end another wonderful day.

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.