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Follow Our Journey! Alpha & Tango 2 – Day 11

By wpdev July 22, 2023





Written by Abby D., Mate

Day 11: the greatly anticipated journey to Anegada. One of the longest sails of the trip, after over 3 hours everyone was moored and could now see the flat, sandy horizon that carves out the only island not visible from all others in the BVI.



By noon, everyone was piled into trucks for a bumpy ride to Loblolly beach. At the beach, a lesson was given about human impact on coral reefs, and the importance of protecting them. As a result of this, everyone felt inspired to clean the beach. Each boat was handed a trash bag and given a goal of collecting as much trash as possible.




Following this feel-good mission, truck tours began again but this time swinging in the other direction to view the renowned sharks and flamingos of Anegada. Unfortunately, the creatures were feeling shy that day and couldn’t be seen, however we still enjoyed the sandy shores and rugged landscapes on offer at this island.




But something even more exciting loomed over the crew that day…. the coveted chili cook off. Upon returning to the boats after enjoying the surroundings of Anegada, all anyone could think about was what theme would be the greatest? Had it been executed before? Could it be done better? Was there any way of obtaining great granny’s tasty recipe?






Each boat got to cooking the most delicious chili that they could scramble together in 2 hours. The smell of chili powder filled the air of Anegada as did the joyous laughter of the crew who diligently practiced their skits before the arrival of the hard-to-impress judges. Themes ranged from southern rodeos to weddings, with each boat vying for the much sought after champion’s title.

By 9:00 all judging had been completed and the crew, following a deep scrub of their chili infested boat, were ready to doze off.






The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.