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Tango 2 Day 4: Exploring The Beautiful Reef At Water Point

By wpdev July 14, 2017
written by mate, Marina Chissus
July 12, 2017

Today, Tango woke up to a lovely breeze and a great view at Norman Island. We had the chance to sleep in for a while before our delicious cinnamon roll breakfast. After breakfast, most of us jumped in for a quick swim and snorkel to check out the variety of fish hanging out under our boat. We even saw a green sea turtle swimming right off our boat for the majority of the morning!

Once everyone made it out of the water, we had a marine biology lesson on coral. Coral and coral reefs are a huge part of the underwater world in the BVI and an essential part of the ecosystem all over the world. Coral reefs take up less than 1% of the oceans surface area but hold about 25% of all marine life on our planet. We learned about coral biology and different organisms that live within coral reefs. The coral lesson was a great intro to our snorkel at water point.

The long dinghy ride to water point was worth the journey. At water point, we found a beautiful reef with loads of reef fish to keep us entertained for a long snorkel. Some of us gained more confidence while snorkeling and practiced diving down deeper to explore the reef.

After the snorkel, we headed back to Miss You for lunch time and a little bit of rest before heading to the beach. At the beach, we explored the shops, drank virgin strawberry daiquiris, and spent most of the afternoon in the water playing and enjoying ourselves. We had kayaks, stand up paddle boards and some rounds of water skiing. It was a great afternoon!

We headed back to the boat for an early dinner prep to get ready for the evening’s activities. After a lovely meal, we went to shore for a sunset hike up to the helipad that sits on the highest peak of Norman island. At the top, we watched the sunset and played games with the Alpha program’s fleet. We hiked back down to the beach, where we had a boat meeting on the comfy beach chairs, before heading back to our boats for power down.

The greatest challenge during the program was staying entertained during the quarantine period. Not being able to leave your boat and not having a phone, which was a crutch against boredom, it was difficult at first to stay entertained.