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Rosalie Vigneault

Head of Office

Rosalie is a French Canadian solo traveler that grew up WAY too far from the ocean! She was still very lucky as her parents would do their best to bring her to warmer countries as often as possible. However, a few days a year wasn’t enough for her, so when she graduated from college and turned 20, she decided to leave home and live closer to what she loved the most, you got it… the ocean. Since then, she fell head over heels in love with diving. She had the chance to explore the underworld in Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Hawaii and soon in the Virgin British Islands! Working as a dive master on the other side of the world was the best experience of her life, but it’s soon to be replaced by the experience that she is going to have this summer! She’s so eager to share her passion with the kids at Sail Caribbean. She is a people person that is always in a good mood and that enjoys life’s simple things. She loves wakeboarding, going on hikes, doing kayak, yoga… Anything that moves or that’s outside. She’s so eager to live the dream in the BVI with everyone this summer!

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